Hello, I'm Leroy.

I grew up on a farm in the San Juan Islands of Washington State- now I live and work in Providence, Rhode Island.  

My art is like this--


Temporal lobe epilepsy overlays my experience of world with the imagery of  dissociative hallucinations from my seizures.  A lot of my work is made to put these two realities into one place so I can look at them.  

Those dual experiences of the world-- imagined and tangible-- are threaded through pictures that I make to think about dreaming, plants, love, sickness,having a body, and searching for a safe home, among a lot of other things. 

My experience with epilepsy is one thing, but I think most humans have more than one reality running in their system.  My biggest goal in my commissions and collaborations is to help people find imagery for the different, but equally real worlds they exist with-- and, as I do for myself-- put them in a singular place to look at lovingly.

Along with all this, I love to build, grow, and bake things.  The leftover of what I can't translate into 3-D, I make into drawings. 

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